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Exhibition: Midwest Metalcore Juried Student Exhibition

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Joseph Grunow, undergraduate student with a concentration in Metalsmithing is exhibiting a neckpiece entitled “Twigs”.

This piece is Sterling Silver cast and fabricated with a purple druse (a crust of small crystals lining a rock cavity)and Lapis beads.

Joe was able to purchase the druse from a collection of $1500 worth of wholesale gemstones on signature from Diane Rose Jewelry in Ann Arbor. Joe and many of the students were able to buy very high quality gemstones at wholesale and below wholesale prices. Diane Rose, allowed the metalsmithing area to have the stones for over a month on the signature of Dr. Otto. These have been inspiring a different aesthetic for jewelry beyond the traditional.

Congrats! Joe

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee June 16-June 24. Opening Reception: June 16 5-7pm