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Tech Talk #8- 2D Shipping crates

Thumb_2d_crate This week’s Tech Talk will be a demo on how to build a padded shipping box for 2-D Artwork. These lightweight boxes are durable, inexpensive, and fairly easy to build – and can double as a storage container when your work is in-between... continue reading

Tech Talk #7-Cengage

Thumb_cengage David Laake, Learning Consultant for Cengage Learning and the Gardner’s Art Through The Ages series, will present new online materials that accompany these great texts. Among these online assets are interactive videos, images, quizzes and more.... continue reading

Eli Stevick at The Gallery of Royal Oak

Thumb_10431695_826222060744736_7508337158314866300_n Current BFA student Eli Stevick has a solo exhibition at The Gallery of Royal Oak. Join the artist and Gallery Director (Laura Wartel- one of our continue reading

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