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Tech Talk #12- Artograph

Thumb_artograph Artograph is a small digital projector designed to project photographs, digitized drawings or sketches directly onto any surface for easy composing, layout and transferring of images. Project a video and freeze any frame. Access digital... continue reading

Tech Talk #11-Digital Fabrication Lab

Thumb_digital_fabrication Sherzer 202 Endless possibilities x 5 Come and check out all the new digital fabrication equipment in the Pat Williams Digital Lab! Presented this week by Brooks Stevens and Jason Ferguson Thursday, December... continue reading

Dr. McComb Presents at the Kutztown Art Education & Craft Conference

Thumb_kutztown Dr. Cam McComb attended a one-day professional development conference sponsored by Kutztown University’s Art Education & Crafts Department on November 21, 2014. Engage: Color, Ritual, & Material Studies featured Fiber... continue reading

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