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EMU Sculpture Facility Progress

Thumb_img_1265 Major progress happening on the new sculpture facility. All of the Asbestos has been abated (as shown in photo 1) The demolition of the 1960’s wing is complete. The rest of the debris has since been removed, and the Kasco team is currently... continue reading

Tech Talk #12- Color Calibration

Thumb_calibration This workshop will cover how to profile a computer monitor to ensure proper color display. We will also discuss the importance of color management across the digital platform. Presented this week by Jason DeMarte Thursday,... continue reading

Tech Talk #11-Mounting 2D Artwork

Thumb_mounting_panel This week’s Tech Talk will be a demo on how to build a wood panel support for the mounting of 2-D artwork. In addition, a demonstration on how to mount a finished drawing to the panel will be performed. Presented this week bycontinue reading

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