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Jason DeMarte featured in Six Years Later Magazine, Surface edition

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The Magazine

The 6YL magazine is an art-only magazine that explores where a particular theme could lead society within a period of six years. It’s a big world and there are big problems. Six Years Later is an opportunity for artists around the world to have their voices heard and their artwork seen.

We take a look at the idea of ‘surface’ in an iWorld where every surface provides wonderment to the masses and yet is still only a gateway to even more wonderment.
It is sometimes said that what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. In 2011 we took on the challenge of exploring the idea of ‘surface’. Will you take it at face value or will you dig a little deeper? We wanted submissions that represented each individuals own interpretation of ‘SURFACE’, what it means to them and where they though it could lead us in six years time.

It was an humbling experience having the luxury of sorting through just over 520 submissions. After a contentious curation process we narrowed it down to a 79-page exploration of ‘SURFACE’. Artists have considered the aesthetic aspect of the theme; illustrating the ‘surface’ of our skin right through to the ‘SURFACE’ of the planet, as well as the introspective aspect by looking at what happens beneath the ‘surface’.

Six Years Later