The mission of the B.A. program at Eastern Michigan University is to provide students with a strong liberal arts education through both studio and art history courses. This program enriches students with knowledge of the disciplines and incorporates an investigation of the tools, media and processes fundamental to art-making. Students are expected to leave the B.A. program with skills in critical thinking, analysis and evaluation: all building blocks for personal growth and educational excellence. The B.A. program incorporates studio experiences, lecture courses, cultural events and professional activities that promote interest in and knowledge of key issues relating to contemporary and historical artists and art and explore issues of diversity, especially in terms of the art world and its cultural influences and audiences.

The BA is a 39 hour degree for students. It is characterized by the same foundations block of courses BFA and BVAE students must take, an abbreviated area of concentration, and art electives. In addition, BA students must declare a minor in an area of study outside the department.


Major Requirements: 39 hours

Art History: 6 hours

Studio Art Courses: 9 hours

Select three courses from any of the following prefixes:

  • 2D Media (AD2D)
  • 3D Media (AD3D)
  • Graphic Design (ADGD)
  • Photography/New Media (ADPM)

Students are not required to select three courses from the same prefix.

Elective Courses: 3 hours

An additional three credit hours selected from art studio (ARTS, AD, AD2D, AD3D, ADGD, ADPM) or art history (ARTH) courses. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor prior to selecting an elective course.

Minor Requirement:

This major requires a minor.

For a list of available minors, please see Academic Programs or contact your major advisor.