The Art Department recently completed a revision to its Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum in order to offer a professional program that comprehensively meets the needs of our students and prepares them to thrive in a competitive art world.  The program revision includes a 21-credit-hour increase that provides a well-crafted balance between the conceptual and technical aspects of art making.  This includes a revised foundations program with a foundations review, an expanded sequence in each area of concentration, an expanded education in art history, the introduction of a capstone experience prior to a student's graduation, and the introduction of 3 new prefixes for Art Department courses to make the change possible: ARTE (designating Art Education courses), ARTH (designating Art History courses), and ARTS (designating Art Studio courses). 

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is designed to encourage students to develop a personal focus and direction as well as learn to function professionally as artists. 

A suggested 4-year plan of study is available here for download.

Students entering the Art Department in Winter 2011 will begin their studies under this revised BFA program, students under the 54-60 credit-hour BFA should visit the legacy programs page


Foundation Courses (21 hours)

  • ARTS 121 (3 hrs.) 2-D Design
  • ARTS 122 (3 hrs.) 3-D Design
  • ARTS 123 (3 hrs.) Drawing I
  • ARTS 126 (3 hrs.) Drawing II
  • ARTS 127 (3 hrs.) Digital Media
  • ARTH 165 (3 hrs.) Postmodern and Contemporary Art
  • ARTS 290 (3 hrs.) Studio Concepts (includes Foundations Review)

Art History Courses (15 hours)

  • ARTH 162 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art I
  • ARTH 263 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art II
  • ARTH 264 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art III
  • ARTH 161 (3 hrs.) Non-Western Survey
  • 1 Upper level Art History (3 hrs.)*

  • * Students in Graphic Design must take ARTH 474 Graphic Design History

Studio Courses (45 hours)

  • Students must take 45 hours of studio arts courses; this includes the area concentration, studio art electives, and required studio courses for all BFA majors as listed below:

Required Studio Courses (6 hours)

  • ARTS 205 (3 hrs.) Beginning Life Drawing
  • ARTS 490W (3 hrs.) Capstone Course*

  • * Course must be taken concurrently with the final course in chosen Area of Concentration. Capstone is a Writing Intensive class and meets the requirements of the General Education Program.

Area of Concentration Courses (15-21 hours)

Select a sequence of 5-7 courses (as defined below) in one of the following areas:

  • Ceramics (18 hours)
  • Drawing (21 hours)
  • Fibers (18 hours)
  • Furniture Design (15 hours)
  • Graphic Design (21 hours)
  • Metalsmithing (15 hours)
  • Painting (18 hours)
  • Photography (18 hours)
  • Printmaking (15 hours)
  • Sculpture (15 hours)
  • Watercolor (18 hours)
  • * Student must complete ARTS 290 Studio Concepts and Foundations Review prior to this course.
    ** Course must be taken concurrently with ARTS 490 Capstone.
    *** Students must pass mid-program portfolio review prior to this course.


  • Select from studio arts courses in consultation with an adviser.