Bachelor of Arts (Art History)

The mission of the B.A. program at Eastern Michigan University is to provide students with educational support in terms of knowledge and methodology, preparing them with a solid liberals arts training in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to enter graduate programs or find work in private collections, museums and galleries, and community arts organizations. The B.A. in Art History offers a comprehensive array of classes in different formats on art across cultures and time periods. Faculty teaching in these programs pursue both excellence in teaching and an active agenda of basic research. It is hoped that students will leave the program with an understanding of why and how art is made, and how it visually expresses its cultural context, be it historical or current.

EMU's Art History program studies world cultures and their expressions in the visual arts. Students are encouraged to explore artworks as documents of particular times, places, societies, and individuals. Small upper-level classes allow for lively discussion and individual attention. With a major in art history, you'll find opportunities in community education, private collections, preservation agencies, and libraries. The major may also lead to graduate study in the field or in a related field such as archeology, museum studies or conservation.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements: 42-46 hours

Students in this program are granted a waiver of the University requirement that students may not earn “more than 60 credit hours in one subject area (prefix).”

Required Courses: 18 hours

Elective Courses: 15 hours

Students must choose one course from each of the following sub-sections below. Students may contract with art history faculty to include lower-numbered art courses for elective credit, with additional work.

Pre-Renaissance Art | One course from the following

Renaissance/Baroque Art | One course from the following

Modern and Contemporary Art | One course from the following

Non-Western or Women’s Art | One course from the following

Additional Elective | Any 300-level or higher art history course not taken to fulfill another requirement

Foreign Language Requirement: 6-10 hours

Any two sequential courses in a single foreign language

Cognate: 3 hours