Degree Requirements

Required Courses (15 hours)

  • ARTH 162 Survey of Western Art I (formerly ART 107 Art History Survey  I) (3 hrs)
  • ARTH 263 Survey of Western Art II (formerly ART 108 Art History Survey II) (3 hrs)
  • ARTH 264 Survey of Western Art III (formerly ART 215W Nineteenth Century Art) (3 hrs)*
  • ART 216 History of 20th Century Art (3 hrs)*
  • ARTH 475 Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Art (formerly ART 428 Seminar in 20th Century Art) (3 hrs)
  • *Beginning Fall 2011 ART 216 and 215 will no longer be offered. The content of these courses has been moved into Non-Western Survey II and Non-Western Survey III. Students should consult their advisor as to which Art History courses to take if they have not taken one or both of these courses.
  • Elective Courses (6 hours)

Six hours from art history courses selected in consultation with art history minor advising coordinator.