Undergraduate Art Education Degrees

The mission of the Bachelor of Art Education (BAE) program at Eastern Michigan University is to prepare future art teachers (K-12) by fostering the development of their creative skills, critical thinking, and understanding of diverse perspectives in art as well as their professional education in teaching art using comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches. The BAE certification program introduces students to contemporary visual art education theories and methods that focus on bringing critical, diverse, and meaningful art learning experiences to K-12 classrooms. The BAE correlates its program with the requirements of the BFA and BS programs that build a core foundation through studio experiences and art inquiries that examine the roles of art and of the artist in contemporary and historical societies. The BAE program supports the department-wide focus on student-centered learning, on excellence in teaching and on meeting the visual arts education state and national teacher preparation standards. The program meets the Michigan Standards for Visual Arts Education programs and the National Art Education Standards for Teacher Preparation Programs.

Eastern Michigan University offers the following undergraduate degrees in Art Education:

  • Bachelor of Art Education (BAE) with LQ teaching certification
  • Secondary Certification, K-12 Endorsement

For the post-baccalaureate teacher certification admission requirements, please visit the Post-Baccalaureate Students page on the College of Education web site.

Art Education Program Requirements

Visual Arts Education Foundations (36 hours)

Art Foundation Courses

  • ARTS 121 (3 hrs.) 2-D Design
  • ARTS 122 (3 hrs.) 3-D Design
  • ARTS 123 (3 hrs.) Drawing I
  • ARTS 126 (3 hrs.) Drawing II
  • ARTS 127 (3 hrs.) Digital Media
  • ARTH 165 (3 hrs.) Postmodern and Contemporary Art
  • ARTS 290 (3 hrs.) Studio Concepts (includes Foundations Review)

Art History/Inquiry Courses

  • ARTH 162 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art I
  • ARTH 263 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art II
  • ARTH 264 (3 hrs.) Survey of Western Art III
  • ARTH 161 (3 hrs.) Non-Western Survey
  • ARTE 355 (3 hrs.) Interpreting Art in Visual Arts Education

Arts Studio Electives (12 hours)

Students must choose 2 electives in a 3-dimensional media and a minimum of 2 electives in a 2-dimensional media. All electives must be within different areas of concentration:

  • 3D Media: Ceramics, Fibers, Furniture Design, Metalsmithing, Sculpture
  • 2D Media: Drawing, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Photography, Painting, Watercolor

Area of Concentration (9 hours)

Select three courses from the above list of areas of concentrations.

Education Courses(43 cr. hrs.)

Pre-admission Phase: The Learner and the Community (10 hours)

The following courses can be taken prior to admission to the teacher education program:

  • ARTE 357 Introduction to Visual Arts Education (prerequisite of ARTE 460) (3 hrs)
  • SPGN 251 Education of Students with Exceptionalities (3 hrs)
  • EDPS 322 Human Development and Learning (4 hrs)

Admission to the College of Education (COE) requires: Attending COE secondary group advising, GPA 2.5 or higher (overall and in Art), 56 cr. hrs. (at least 12 at EMU), pass of the MTCC Professional Readiness Examination, and application

Phase I: Curriculum, Assessment and the Social Context (12 hours)

The following courses require admission to the teacher education program

  • ARTE 358 Curriculum and Assessment in Visual Arts Education- Offered Winter Semester Only (3 hrs.)
  • ARTE 359 Practicum in Visual Arts Education- Offered Winter Semester Only (3 hrs.)
  • ARTE 360 Technology in Visual Art Education- Offered Fall Semester Only(3 hrs.)
  • SOFDW 328 Schools for a Diverse and Democratic Society (3 hrs.)

Phase II: Content Methods, Literacy and Technology (10 hours)

  • ARTE 460 Approaches to Teaching Visual Art Education- Offered Fall Semester Only (4 hrs)
  • RDNG 311 - Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3 hrs)
  • PRCT 311 Practicum II: Secondary (3 hrs)

You are recommended to take and pass the MTTC Subject Area test (#95 Visual Arts Education) the semester before or of student teaching.

Phase III - must apply for student teaching in advance (by January 15 for fall or June 15 for winter)

All Visual Arts Education students (including double majors, second bachelors and additional endorsements) will be responsible for fulfilling student teaching requirements in visual arts.

  • EDUC 496 Student Teaching (Art) (6 hrs)
  • EDUC 497 Student Teaching (Art) (6 hrs)

Note: Students must receive a grade C or higher in all professional and methods courses.