Full mfr2

Maria Ruggiero | Bouquet | 22 x 30" | Watercolor on Paper

Full jdh10

John DeHoog | Crawler | 13 x 42 x 10 | Wood, Steel

Full davis chaotic patterns no. 2

Margaret Davis | Chaotic Patterns | 72 x 80" | Oil on Canvas, Sandbags

Full covered

Margaret Davis | Covered | 20 x 20" | 0il on paper

Full light circle

Jason Ferguson | 606 S. Elm Street Core Sample | H three-stories x diameter of 11 inches | altered three-story historic building in Greensboro, NC

Full great dress room 1

Brooks Harris Stevens | Letters of Lineage | 10' X 8' X 8' | Fiber- Laser cut #10 Tyvek evelopes

Full bookcover final

Leslie Atzmon | Visual Rhetoric and the Eloquence of Design | Design: Ryan Molloy, Ruth Bardenstein, Nina Bianchi, and Leslie Atzmon

Full sub terrain

Amy Sacksteder | Museum, Monument (where we can go to save ourselves) | dimensions variable | transparency collage, sand, painted plaster and foam islands maquette, transparencies on projector, installed in Sub Terrain at Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, September-October 2010

Full davis sadie as an scientist 2

Margaret Davis | Sadie as a Scientist | Graphite and Oil on Paper

Full ferguson dining room4

Jason Ferguson | Dining Room (part of the Domestic Carnival project) | L 20' x W16' x H8' | Trailer, wood, welded steel, cabochon carnival lights, light chaser circuit, altered dinette set, wallpaper and audio soundtrack (photo courtesy of MoCAD)