Full leaf pin 4799

Gretchen Otto | Leaf pin | Anticlastic raising | Bronze with patina and alexandrite

Full within web

Amy Sacksteder | Within | 30" x 22" | gouache and ink on collaged paper

Full ajm facshow09cov

Andrew Maniotes | Faculty Show Catalog 09 (cover) | 6.25x8 in. (folded) | offset lithography

Full dsc 7113

John DeHoog | Adjustable Cabinet (detail) | Wood and Mixed Materials

Full sub terrain

Amy Sacksteder | Museum, Monument (where we can go to save ourselves) | dimensions variable | transparency collage, sand, painted plaster and foam islands maquette, transparencies on projector, installed in Sub Terrain at Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, September-October 2010

Full necklace for la siren

Gretchen Otto | Necklace for La Siren

Full img 0474

Brian Lee Nelson | Erlenmeyer flask for Madame Bourgeois | 33” in Diameter, length variable | Welded and fabricated stainless steel, Sewn felt, Cast and fabricated bronze

Full postersofdis 2012

Andrew Maniotes | Posters Of Discontent II | 18x24 in. | screen printed poster

Full msr06

Michael Reedy | Don't Worry Baby | 43 x 33" | Mixed Media on Paper

Full bird website

Leslie Atzmon | Four Birds Species of Ann Arbor website | variable | website homepage