Full cjh08

Chris Hyndman | The Amputee | 13 x 13" | acrylic, fluorescent acrylic, metallic acrylic and marker on felt

Full img 0466

Brian Lee Nelson | Erlenmeyer flask for Madame Bourgeois | 33” in Diameter, length variable | welded and fabricated stainless steel, Sewn felt, Cast and fabricated bronze

Full cgb06

Colin Blakely | Memorial to the Mothers and Fathers of the Disappeared | 24x28" | Pigmented Inkjet Print

Full good detail 2

Brooks Harris Stevens | Letters of Lineage- Detail | Detail | Fiber- Laser cut #10 Tyvek evelopes

Full cam11 09.15.16

Camilla McComb | Outdoor Education | photography

Full davis shifting no.3

Margaret Davis | Shifting | 72 x 44" (painting only | Oil on Canvas, Sandbags

Full dogheadblog

Chris Hyndman | Mascot (dog head) | 46 x 64 inches | thin sheet polystyrene, tissue paper, tape

Full brian spolans isolation tower 2010 17.5x26.5 pencil on paper

Brian Spolans | Isolation Tower | Pencil on constructed paper

Full colin blakely02

Colin Blakely | Grand Canyon (After Moran) | 30"x36" | Pigmented Inkjet Print

Full 8 slides from trip two

Amy Sacksteder | Slides from the Trip | dimensions variable | slide projection of stills from a silent film project, in collaboration with Nannette Vinson