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Ellen C. Schwartz was born in New York. She received a PhD in Early Medieval and Byzantine art history from the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University in 1978. She began teaching at EMU in 1977.

Artist Statement

My research has primarily considered architecture, painting and artifacts from Byzantium and medieval Eastern Europe, largely from the 12th through the early 15th century. In recent times, I have been working on a large study of bronze and copper icons, collecting and cataloguing them and examining their relation to precious and painted images. I have just begun to study the cast bronze pieces. In my research on these metal icons, I am looking at their iconography and style, the social milieu of their patrons, and their role in decorating churches or serving as the focus of public and personal prayer. I have also worked on issues of iconography, as well as the teaching of Byzantine art in middle- and high school. And last summer I was invited to write a series of extended catalogue entries for the Rose Art Museum at my alma mater.

recent exhibitions and publications

  • “Copper Repoussé Icons of Middle and Later Byzantine Times,” _Deltion tes Christianikes Archaiologikes Hetaireias_, Series 4, vol. 35 (2014), 361-374. "L’Année dernière à Marienbad as Cubist Cinema," _Studies in French Cinema_ vol. 14, no. 2.