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Throughout their four semesters in the area, photo students are exposed to as wide a range of photographic techniques as possible and encouraged to use those tools to develop a personal vision in the medium.

Emphasis is on a fine art approach to the medium. Right from the start, students are expected to gain an understanding of the photographic language and its place in their own work. Time is spent each week analyzing the work of established photographers to better gain an appreciation for this language.

Supervised lab hours offer students access to the darkrooms.

Photography FACULTY

Christine Ridgway (lecturer)

Photography Facilities

The photography area includes facilities for both darkroom and digital work. Darkroom facilities include a dedicated film processing area as well as group and individual darkrooms with 4×5 variable contrast enlargers.

The digital facilities include Nikon and Imacon film scanners capable of scanning up to 4×5″ film, and a variety of printers for both small and large scale photographic output.

Photography Courses

ARTS 105 Photography for Non-Majors

This is an introductory course in film-based art black and white photography. It covers the basic tools of the medium, including camera use, film developing, and printing. The class is designed to allow students to become familiar with visual arts and the artistic process using the camera as a tool for personal expression. (Formerly ART 168)

Prereq: none

ARTS 221 Beginning Photography

An introduction to photography as an art form. Basic camera and darkroom techniques are covered, with an emphasis on using these tools to a creative end. Students must furnish their own maual cameras, as well as additional supplies. (Fromerly ART 304)

Prereq: ARTS 121, ARTS 123, and department permission

ARTS 321 Intermediate Photography I

An investigation of intermediate and advanced black and white techniques. Student continue to explore a conceptual approach to the medium while beginning to develop their own personal vision. The work of other photographers is considered to give students a better understanding of the photographic language. (Formerly ART 325)

Prereq: ARTS 221, ARTS 290, passed foundation review, and department permission

ARTS 322 Intermediate Photography II

A continued investigation of techniques used in fine art photography with a particular focus on computer imaging. Students continue working to develop a personal style in preparation for the portfolio classes. (Formerly ART 326)

Prereq: ARTS 221, ARTS 290, passed foundation review, and department permission

ARTS 421 Photography Portfolio I

Development of a unified body of work representing the undergraduate photographic experience. (Formerly ART 449)

Prereq: ARTS 321, ARTS 322, ARTS 323, and department permission

ARTS 490W Capstone

This course is taken in conjunction with the last course in each student’s area of concentration. It is designed as the culminating learning experience for students in the BFA curriculum and will help provide direction for their future professional careers. The course will focus on preparation for a required senior exhibition, the development of a professional portfolio, and the creation necessary written documents to support one’s professional career. This course fulfills the General Education Writing Intensive requirement.

Prereq: must be enrolled in final area of concentration and department permission

ARTS 323 Intermediate Photography III

This is a second/third/fourth semester course in photography. It is designed to give students a better understanding of the technical aspects of photography while challenging them to refine their own artistic vision and critical abilities. Instruction will include technical lectures and demonstrations, open lab sessions for addressing problems on an individual level, critiques of class work, slide and reading discussions.

Prereq: ARTS 221, ARTS 290, passed foundations review, and departmental permission

ARTS 422 Photography Portfolio II

This is a sixth semester course in photography. As a continuation of Portfolio Photography I, it is designed to give students the tools necessary to continue the pursuit of fine art photography on their own. Instruction will be based primarily around in-class critiques and discussion of student work, but will also include reading and slide discussions as well as technical demos and “workshops.”

Prereq: ARTS 421; Co-req: ARTS 490W