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The Fibers program focuses on the creative exploration of printed, woven and non-woven and three-dimensional fibers. Investigations of concepts are explored through imagery, pattern, design, texture and material exploration. Students are introduced to a wide variety of processes and expected to investigate at least one area in sufficient depth to create a strong body of work.

Visiting artists and designers regularly give public lectures and conduct workshops. Students may also join the Fibers Guild, a student-run organization that sponsors exhibitions, lectures, workshops and field trips.


Brooks Harris

Fibers Facilities

The equipment is superb: multi-harness floor looms, including two computer-interfaced looms and two TC-1 electronic hand jacquard looms, drum carders, large padded print tables, exposure unit for silk screens, darkroom, large vertical steamer, networked computers, printers for printed fabric design, scanner, basic sewing machines and one industrial sewing machine and a heat press. The dye facility is well ventilated with ample sinks, sprayer, washer, dryer and refrigerator; dye mixing hood and large drying area with floor drain.

Fibers Courses

AD3D 302 Fibers

In this course, students will acquire fundamental knowledge relating to Fibers. The techniques and skills learned will be explored through the creation and understanding of traditional and digital applications to surface design, weaving, and dyeing, to three-dimensional fibers. These techniques will be explored through the creation of contemporary fiber projects. Topics and techniques may vary; which may include, but are not limited to, dyeing, screen-printing, silk-painting, weaving, embellishment applications, and constructed fiber forms.

Prereq: AD 121 and AD 123

AD3D 321 Digital Fabrication

Digital Fabrication encourages students to experiment with new approaches and materials to build on their discipline-specific art practice. Students in all areas of concentration (2D, 3D, graphic design, etc.) are eligible to register for this course. The class will introduce students to a variety of digital fabrication techniques using 3D printers; 3D scanners; a laser cutter and etching machine; a CNC milling machine; a vacuum forming machine; a free form quilting machine; and fabric printers.

Prereq: AD 300W and successful completion of the Foundations Portfolio Review

AD 400W Capstone

This course is taken in conjunction with the last course in each student’s area of concentration. It is designed as the culminating learning experience for students in the BFA curriculum and will help provide direction for their future professional careers. The course will focus on preparation for a required senior exhibition, the development of a professional portfolio, and the creation necessary written documents to support one’s professional career.

Prereq: must be enrolled in final area of concentration and department permission

AD3D 320 Topics in 3D Media

Topics in 3D Media is a cross-disciplinary class designed for ALL 3D media students. The course will follow a general theme each semester and will be co-taught by faculty from different 3D disciplines creating a unique and exciting experience.

Prereq: AD 300W, (successful completion of the Foundations Portfolio Review), and (two of the following: AD3D 301, AD3D 302, AD3D 303, AD3D 304, AD3D 305)

AD 402 Advanced Porfolio II

An advanced course that continues goals and accomplishments from Advanced Portfolio I. Students will further develop a body of work using contemporary art methods through self-directed projects. Intended for students from Photography/New Media, 2D, and 3D concentrations.

Prereq: AD 401

AD 401 Advanced Porfolio I

An advanced course that focuses on students’ personal development of a body of work using contemporary art methods. Emphasizes the individual student’s development of a personal line of creative inquiry, which is supported by a sound conceptual foundation and is executed through appropriate technical means. Intended for students from Photography/New Media, 2D, and 3D concentrations.

Prereq: AD2D 320, AD2D 321, AD3D 320, or ADPM 320