Undergraduate Student ARTWORK

Full andrew klebba occurred

Andrew Klebba | Occurred: Themes Formerly Explored in Art | approximately 8" x 12" x 12" | mixed media

Full christina sammour occurring

Christina Sammour | Occurring: Responding to a Current Exhibition | each panel approximately 24" x 18" | charcoal, gesso and mixed media on paper

Full andrew will occur

Andrew Klebba | Will Occur: Exhibitions That Have Yet to Happen | approximately 40" x 12" | ink and collage on paper

Full alex sp

Alex Mandrila | Distortion: A Self Portrait Project | 30" x 22" | oil pastel and Prismacolor on paper

Full gretchen final

Gretchen Schumann | Reaction: responding to the wet mark | approx. 24" x 40" | watercolor, salt and dimensional cut paper collage

Full mike zang unit3 occurring smaller

Mike Zang | Occurring: Responding to a current exhibition | each panel approximately 12" at largest dimension | ballpoint pen and ink on paper, mounted on wood panels

Full mike zang unit4 may occur

Mike Zang | May Occur: A Possible Future... | approximately 32" x 20" | color photocopy of ballpoint pen drawing, spray paint, nails, on wooden panel

Full julie willacker unit4 may occur smaller

Julie Willacker | May Occur: A Possible Future... | installation dimensions variable | ink on paper, beaded, embroidered and collaged fabric, custom wooden stand, Potawatomi arrow heads, dream catchers and feathers

Full tim scott unit4 may occur

Tim Scott | May Occur: A Possible Future... | approximately 32" x 40" | ink and watercolor on paper

Full debra zamperla unit4 may ocur2

Debra Zamperla | May Occur: A Possible Future... | each frame 14" x 10"; installation dimensions vary | pastel on paper, looped video, whiteout on digital photographic print; all images framed