Art Education

The Visual Arts Education program within the Art Department at EMU introduces students to contemporary issues in the field including art-making, multiculturalism, technology integration and critical thinking. This program addresses key aspects of art teaching in K-12 classrooms with an emphasis on curriculum integration, technology integration, curriculum planning, and contemporary art. A professional, enthusiastic, and committed faculty with a variety of interests and diverse areas of expertise make the overall visual arts education program a dynamic experience. EMU offers an undergraduate and graduate degree in Art Education.

Art Education FACULTY


Art Education Courses

ARTE 220 Visual Art for the Elementary Teacher

(Offered Fall, Winter and Summer semesters)
Teacher candidates will develop the basic skills to meaningfully integrate the visual arts across the elementary school curricula by learning approaches to guide K-12 students to 1) create images that express their own views, 2) interpret images from diverse artistic traditions that address important life issues across time and place and to 3) explore the differences and the commonalities that the visual arts share with other art disciplines, the humanities and the sciences. (Formerly ART 220)

Prereq: none

ARTE 360 Technology in Visual Arts Education

(Offered Fall semesters only)
This course prepares pre-service art teachers for technology applications in art education. These applications include artmaking, inquiry, classroom management, communication, assessment, professional development and arts advocacy. Students will learn hardware and software as well as critically and creatively apply educational concepts and principles in technology integration for meaningful art learning. (Formerly ART 331)

Prereq: CURR305, department permission and admission to the College of Education

ARTE 355 Interpreting Art in Visual Arts Education

(Offered Fall and WInter semesters)
The goal of this course is to teach strategies for interpreting possible meanings of visual images and objects from diverse cultural contexts as an integral and meaningful part of learning about art. It targets pre-service visual arts education students and is open to any interested students.

Prereq: ARTH 161 and one of the following: ARTH 162, ARTH 165, ARTH 263 or ARTH 264W

ARTE 359 Practicum in Visual Arts Education

(Offered WInter semesters only)
In this practicum, teacher candidates are provided extended opportunities to observe, practice, teach and reflect on their experiences in visual arts classrooms at both elementary and secondary levels. Field placements in diverse school communities are arranged and supervised by VAE faculty in collaboration with practicing visual arts educators.

Prereq: ARTE 357, ARTE 360, EDPS 322, admission to the Initial Teacher Preparation Program, and department permission

ARTE 358 Curriculum and Assessment in Visual Arts Education

(Offered Winter semesters only)
This course is designed to prepare visual arts teacher candidates to engage K-12 students of diverse backgrounds and abilities in meaningful experiences using the visual arts. Candidates explore prevailing approaches for developing curriculum and assessment tools in Visual Arts Education and then design units that facilitate students’ construction of meaning.

Prereq: ARTE 357, ARTE 360, EDPS 322, admission to the Initial Teacher Preparation Program, and department permission

ARTE 357 Introduction to Visual Arts Education

(Offered Fall and WInter semesters)
Focuses on a comprehensive approach to art education and will include library research, readings, writings and discussions of current events aided by presentations of guest speakers. Final requirement: the development of a written personal philosophy pertaining to the teaching of art and the formulation of a general curriculum. (Formerly ART 317)

Prereq: sophomore standing and intent to pursue art education as a major