Graduate Student ARTWORK

Full original lucieweb

Morgan Barrie | Lucie and the Bobcat | 15x24 | Archival Ink Jet

Full sarab 01

Sara Brandys

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Breanne Sherwood | Fields Follow-Digital Fabrication | Found object, digitally printed fabric, crochet, and stitching

Full biomorphs

Suzanne Boissy | Biomorphic Forms

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Suzanne Boissy | Work installed at Not Your Grandma's Fiber Show | Variable | Hand dyed 100% Linen fabric, screen-printed images with textile pigments and embroidery

Full 02lca2007mfawork

Xueni Zhang | Long Life | paper

Full minotaur

Traci Shipley | Death of Emmy Jo During the Battle with the Minotaur | installation dimensions variable | oil on chalkboard and mixed media sculpture

Full claws small

Lorraine Kolasa | Claws | Fold formed and anticalstic raised | Brass

Full boissy 2

Suzanne Boissy | Germination in Green, Expansion in Red, and Exploration in Yellow | Felting and Embroidery

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Bridget Burke | 500 Temple Street | Archival Ink Jet