Graduate Student ARTWORK

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Breanne Sherwood | Fields Follow-Digital Fabrication | Found object, digitally printed fabric, crochet, and stitching

Full venus

Morgan Barrie | Untitled | Digital Print

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Breanne Sherwood | Relics Detail | Reclaimed duck wings, silk, and stitching

Full beth portincasa

Untitled | Variable | Baby blanket, cast rubber, thread

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Suzanne Boissy | Biomorphic Forms- detail

Full medusa

Traci Shipley | Commemoration of the Battle with Medusa | dimensions variable | oil on chalkboard and mixed media sculpture on dressform

Full boissy wall detail

Suzanne Boissy | Movement, Line, and Shadow Detail | Fiber Instillation

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Marcia Henne | Grandma at the Wedding | 5' x 4' | painting

Full suzanne petrydish

Suzanne Boissy | Untitled | Fibers | Variable | Petry dish, silk thread, metal and beading

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MFA Exhibition Detail | Paper, Thread