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EMU at the Riverside Arts Center. Reception on Friday, October 5th from 6 - 10 pm for Carol Hanna, Arthur "Rocky" Rockall and Ellen Wilt

These three artists include two of our past graduate students and a Professor Emeritus of Art.  Just as artworks for the art school range greatly in style and presentation, so do the works in this group exhibition including: mixed media sculptural works, prints, representational and abstract paintings.

 Carol Hanna:   

BS Bus.Ad. from Eastern Michigan University 1971, BFA from Eastern Michigan University 2003, MA from Eastern Michigan University 2011 

Arthur "Rocky" Rockall:

Associate's Degree from Schoolcraft College. BA from Wayne State University. MA from Eastern Michigan University.

Ellen Wilt:

BFA from the University of Michigan 1969. MA from the University of Michigan 1970.  

Professor Emeritus of Art at Eastern Michigan University, where she taught for 17 years (1969 - 1985).

This EMU exhibit will also be on display during the annual Riverside Arts Center event "Fall for Arts" on Saturday, October 13th starting at 7pm.  Please contact for tickets.

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