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AWARDED: A WIndgate Matching Grant to build the 3D Arts Complex

The School of Art and Design is Building a New 3D Arts Complex!

The Eastern Michigan University School of Art and Design is preparing for the next stage of its evolution thanks to a $2.2 million Windgate Foundation grant. The funds from the Windgate Foundation will be utilized as a part of a matching gift agreement with the University to construct a new 3D Arts Complex in the School of Art and Design on the University’s campus in Ypsilanti.

The School of Art and Design at Eastern Michigan University will at long last be able to complete the Arts Complex that was initiated in part by the significant refurbishing of the Sculpture Studio. This final construction project will provide space for all of ceramics, furniture design, 3D Design, sculpture, and our metalsmithing areas to come together in one building that is built to accommodate such intense processes as these. We will establish studios that well serve each area, rather than shoehorning our equipment and needs into previously used buildings on campus that were built for entirely different purposes.

The School of Art & Design and the Eastern Michigan University Foundation are embarking on a $400,000 fundraising campaign for the completion and outfitting of the new Windgate 3D Arts Complex.

If we raise $200,000 by April 30, 2022, the Windgate Foundation will match our fund total! You can donate today or make a pledge and pay off the pledge over the next five years.

We hope you can join us in celebrating and supporting our next chapter!


NEW Gallery Website!

See our exhibitions, both online and in person this coming fall at our new gallery website:


Painting Students Featured in International Exhibition

EMU Painting students featured in an exhibition in collaboration with VCUarts Qatar students in Doha, Qatar, titled "Visible Cities: VCUarts Qatar and Eastern Michigan University." 

Working collaboratively across the globe, painting students from EMU were partnered with painting students from VCUarts Qatar in Doha, Qatar. After reading passages from Italo Calvino's classic "Invisible Cities," students were asked to contemplate the idea of "place," and share photos of their chosen place via Instagram with their partners from half a world away. Students then created several painting sketches from the shared photos, exploring the concept of different "visual languages." Lastly, students each created one final painting that explored the use of multiple visual languages in one painting while simultaneously capturing the feeling of both places.


To be announced as Emeritus Faculty, June 2019

Ceramicist Diana Pancioli has Emeritus Status as of 2018

The previous faculty will be awarded Emeritus Status in June 2019:


Event: Scholarship Ceremony

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During the Scholarship Ceremony held on Friday, April 12, 2019, several students were awarded scholarships from the EMU School of Art & Design for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

EMU Lake House.


Professor Maria Ruggiero featured in Multiple Exhibitions

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Maria Ruggiero has work exhibited in:

-Untitled: a Juried Art Exhibition at Athens Art Gallery (April-May 2019)

-2019 Biennale Exhibition: Art League of Hilton Head, South Carolina (May 7-June 1, 2019)

-THERE'S STILL LIFE IN STILL LIFES at 311 Gallery, juried show (May—June 2019)


Event: Jason DeMarte, Solo Exhibition & Artist Talk @ UMMA

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Jason DeMarte Garden of Artificial Delights Solo Exhibition

Solo exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art Opens June 8th, 2019

Artist Talk June 9th, 2019 @3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Link below for more information:

UMMA June 08-September 01.


video training course published by Chris Reilly

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Chris Reilly published the video training course Learning Algorithmic Design with Grasshopper on This course covers algorithmic design using Grasshopper and Rhino software.


Dr. Cam McComb NAEA Graduate of School for Art Leaders

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Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Education Dr. Cam McComb was recognized on March 15 by the National Art Education Association as a 2019 Graduate of the prestigious School for Art Leaders.


Jason DeMarte featured in Adobe Create Magazine

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Jason DeMarte was interviewed in the January 2019 issue of Adobe Create Magazine.