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John DeHoog | Self-Leveling Cabinet | 38 x 46 x 16 | wood and mixed media

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Amy Sacksteder | Cairn 4: Salt spiral on Jõrn's crystal on Tiergarten | 13" x 11" | gouache, ink, and acrylic on collaged paper

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Chris Hyndman | Tail (after a still from "Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties" | 36 x 48 inches | tissue paper, colored pencil and acrylic on canvas

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Ryan Molloy | for Chauvet to stumble upon | stencil, spray adhesive, sand

Full brian spolans 3 forest fire 26x36in 2007. watercolor pencil screen print and acrylic on paper

Brian Spolans | Forest Fire | 26 x 36" | Watercolor, Pencil, Screen-Print and Acrylic on Paper

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Jason Ferguson | Home Sweet Home | L24' x H2' x D1' | Hand formed welded steel, cabochon carnival lights, light chaser circuit (photo courtesy of MoCAD)

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Colin Blakely | Niagara (After Church) | 30"x36" | Pigmented Inkjet Print

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Gretchen Otto | Where's the Party?

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Andrew Maniotes | KAPOW! | 18x24 in. | screen print on paper

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Brian Lee Nelson | Aphasia, for Charlie, Jim, and Joseph | 6' x variable | Found Neon, fabricated stainless steel letters 1976 Juro Charlie McCarthy doll.