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Symposium: Place/Performance/Identity

  • EMU Student Center and University Gallery
  • Sat, January 26, 9am - 6pm
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(see downloads section, below, for Program, Schedule of Speakers, and Call for Proposals)

In the decades since the publication of Henri Lefebvre's seminal text The Production of Space, the so-called “spatial turn” in the humanities and social sciences has prompted a profound reevaluation of the ways in which place can function as more than a physical demarcation. Today the spaces we occupy range from the physical to the social to the virtual, and they operate not only as stages for performance but as social actors themselves.

As a spatial, social, and cultural construction, place informs the formation of identity (both individual and community); the negotiation of power relations; the shaping of memory; and the performance of ritual. In turn, our performances inflect the space around us, shaping and reshaping its physical, ideological, and emotional fabric.

The symposium Place/ Performance/Identity aims to give coherence to this theme, while simultaneously demonstrating the breadth of its scope.

Keynote lectures by:

Aimee Meredith Cox, Yale University, Associate Professor Anthropology + African American Studies

Allie Terry-Fritsch, Bowling Green State University, Associate Professor Art History on Fra Angelico's Public: Challenging Place, Performance, and Identity at San Marco, Florence

This Symposium is planned in conjunction with the appointment of the photographer Corine Vermeulen as the 2018-2019 McAndless Distinguished Chair at Eastern Michigan University, and will coincide with an exhibition of her work. Originally from the Netherlands, Vermeulenhas made Detroit her home since 2006. Her work portrays resilient urban communities that are in the midst of reinvention, and the forces of revitalization that are emerging in contemporary cities.

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