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In both the undergraduate and graduate watercolor programs, students learn a variety of traditional and contemporary watercolor techniques while developing a unique and individual direction in their work. The overall goal of the program is to nurture and develop independent, creative thinking, as well as a dynamic artistic style. All levels of watercolor students participate in watercolor exhibitions at the Eagle Crest Conference Center, sponsored by the student organization Watercolorists at EMU. These exhibitions usually include openings, award presentations, and receptions.

In addition to participating in Watercolorists at EMU exhibitions and events, a number of graduate and undergraduate Watercolor students actively show their work in local, state and national exhibitions. Some program alumni also serve on the board of the Michigan Watercolor Society and have had their art featured in national publications.

Watercolor FACULTY


Watercolor Courses

ARTS 106L Watercolor for Non-Majors

This course will introduce students to traditional and experimental watercolor techniques and processes. This course will provide students with studio experiences, art-making and will explore both contemporary and historical watercolor painting through slides and lectures. (Formerly ART 169L)

Prereq: none

ARTS 215 Watercolor I

Introduction to watercolor techniques and processes with an emphasis on formal elements such as composition, color and value. Projects for the course are designed to encourage the exploration of a variety of subject matter and content. Individual and group critiques are frequent. (Formerly ART 314)

Prereq: ARTS 126 and department permission

ARTS 315 Watercolor II

Further exploration of concepts and techniques introduced in Watercolor I. Projects and assignments are designed to help students refine and expand watercolor technique and processes as well as foster individual research and the development of personal direction. Individual and group critiques are frequent. (Formerly ART 414)

Prereq: ARTS 215, ARTS 290, passed foundation review, and department permission

ARTS 316 Watercolor III

This course builds on concepts and techniques from Watercolor I and II. Focus is on pursuing an individual direction and establishing practices and processes for developing related series of paintings Individual and group critiques are frequent. (Formerly ART 423)

Prereq: ARTS 315, ARTS 300, and department permission

ARTS 416 Watercolor IV

Continuing development of an individual direction through research, planning, and process. Students focus on depth of content and self-evaluation. Preparation for the Senior Exhibition is emphasized. Individual and group critiques are frequent. (Formerly ART 424)

Prereq: ARTS 415 and department permission; Co-req: ARTS 490W

ARTS 300 Color Theory

This is an introductory course in which students learn the basics of subtractive color. A series of lectures and related studio problems are utilized to develop an understanding of color systems, the characteristics of color, and how to control the visual aspects of color through both mixture and juxtaposition. As students gain a greater understanding of the subject matter, more individualized assignments may be introduced.

Prereq: ARTS 126 and department permission

ARTS 490W Capstone

This course is taken in conjunction with the last course in each student’s area of concentration. It is designed as the culminating learning experience for students in the BFA curriculum and will help provide direction for their future professional careers. The course will focus on preparation for a required senior exhibition, the development of a professional portfolio, and the creation necessary written documents to support one’s professional career. This course fulfills the General Education Writing Intensive requirement.

Prereq: must be enrolled in final area of concentration and department permission

ARTS 216 Water Media-Mixed Media

The focus of this course is on connecting content with process. Students develop ideas for work and use water-based pigments with other materials to create mixed-media pieces. The class will focus on contemporary artists and ideas. Group and individual critiques are incorporated in all assignments for this course. (Formerly ART 250)

Prereq: ARTS 121, ARTS 123, and department permission